Jamie Forest (DJ, producer)

Bohemian Beatfreaks 2022

I’ve photographed and now filmed Jamie at festivals for several years now. From my first time capturing him while mixing in a crisp white suit (buttons undone with no shirt underneath), to performing pants-less in the cockpit of a plane converted into a roller disco, he’s always been the funnest to catch in action and go out of my way for. One of my favourite humans to collaborate with, and — musically — one to watch closely; he’s embarking on a fresh creative venture that'll undoubtedly turn heads and pull heartstrings.

B4RKLY (DJ, producer)

Bohemian Beatfreaks 2022

B4RKLY brought the house down with his set at the Dream Lab stage at Bohemian Beatfreaks 2022 — and I was lucky enough to be able to capture it (in addition to dancing my ass off). Here are some slices of the video I created, to the tune of his soon-to-be-released track, “FUM8” — featuring the catchy sound bite of, “Eh, f*ck you, I make bangers.” Get some of that into your ear holes.

Guerilla Planting for the People

My debut micro-documentary teaser about a renegade food forest planting movement in Brisbane, Australia; a quiet act of environmental activism that bypasses council red tape and bestows power to the people, and will one day provide public access to food for those in need or unable to obtain healthy produce. At the time of filming, these efforts were spearheaded by our local ward of the Greens political party, as well as the co-owners of Sun and Soil Organic Gardening, Melissa Smrecnik and James Blyth (featured in this video).

Caligula's Horse International Livestream x Crackjac Pictures

The Triffid | Brisbane, Aus

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