Mitchell and + Bronte

I’ve always been an advocate for simplicity. Simplicity is generous; simplicity allocates space in one’s life for the things that really matter.

And I believe simplicity deserves a seat at every wedding. To boldly cast off what a billion-dollar industry is telling you you need in order to experience your “perfect” day, and focus your attention instead on what you already have — which is love, plain and simple — means to breathe serenity into the big day, and your wealth of future days spent in each others’ lives.

Through a handful of conversations with clients over my couple of years working in the wedding industry, I’ve been truly struck by stories of being dismissed and shut down by professionals in the industry they sought to collaborate with, due to their wedding ideas being non-conventional, non-formulaic, too small and simple for standard tastes. I’m aghast — maybe naively so — that an industry centred around love could be so rigid and un-accommodating of the myriad ways a couple might choose to express their love that’s as unique and unbounded as they are.

Bronte and Mitchell’s wedding day was one of these simpler occasions by choice. One location, a handful of hours with their most beloved, and minimal fuss around matters that are fleeting and unimportant in the overall vitality and longevity of a partnership meant that they could simply and intentionally focus on each other, and breathe easy…and I thoroughly enjoyed being chosen to witness and trap those memories in amber.

Congratulations, you two. You were a breath of serenity to collaborate with.​

Accommodation: Royal on the Park | Brisbane CBD, QLD

Venue: Botanical Gardens | Brisbane CBD, QLD