Jeff + Erin

Definitely one of the coolest, most unexpected DMs ever to slip into my inbox:

“I am holding a Halloween party that is doubling as a surprise wedding but mostly it’s about the party after so not looking for that traditional wedding thing. I like the style of your snaps from EFF [Earth Frequency Festival] and am reaching out to chat to see if this is something you would be interested in.”

Jeff and Erin had me at the first hello.

I’d thought for some time before receiving this message that I’d be up for the challenge of photographing a wedding in my near future. However, I’d not be having any of that lavish, cookie-cutter, bridezilla nonsense.

If I were to take on the stress of photographing one of the most pivotal days of two people’s lives, then I’d do it for a wedding with a difference; something quirky and refreshingly unconventional that really encapsulates the essence of the couple in question, and reflects my personal penchant for going against the grain. Trust two doofers (that's people who attend music festivals, in non-Australian) to nail the brief!

I’m so thankful to these two for putting their faith in me to capture their surprise reveal and the revelry that followed. What a privilege to witness the unfolding of shock and joy and awe and the deepest expressions of love on dozens of faces — responses ranging from happy crying to clapping, to merry incredulity in the form of “Faaaarrrkkk you guys!” and a simple, smug “Called it!” — and a professional landmark I’ll never forget.

All the best in your spooky wedded lives together, you two x

Venue: Benga Box | Stafford, QLD