It took a little unpacking (literally and figuratively) after Esoteric concluded to realise just how much of an impact this event had on me. Maybe because I had no idea I was even going until a week beforehand, when a lucky set of coincidences saw me hastily booking flights to Melbourne and gearing up for my unexpected first Victorian festival. Maybe because I was away from home and doofing solo, I was a little more out of my depth and open to spontaneity. Maybe because the setting and set-up was visually spectacular and clearly crafted with love. Maybe because it was just the right time for a shake-up.

Whatever reason, I've felt more connected to this event with every photo I edited; every laugh and smile I spent minutes or hours staring at while doing my best to showcase the spirit within. Esoteric really was as special and, well, esoteric as I'd heard, and I'm already crossing my fingers I get to come back again next year.

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